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We are driving the present forward

By influencing thought, action and growth

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We are Nxt Brands!

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We develop digital platforms to help bring the present into the future

Nxt Brands LLC. is a group of digital companies focused on the future through the creation of actionable and practical ideas that drive growth.
With a wealth of brands focusing on different target markets and segments, Nxt Brands is being positioned as the go-to educational resource for Millennials and Gen Z generations. Our digital informational platforms like Nxt Modern, iMillennialZ and IDEY provide content for their respective audiences to influence action and bring their readers into the future. Whether it is starting or growing a business, staying healthy or learning about every day issues affecting our societies; our goal is to make Nxt Brands' companies an online destination for driving the present forward.
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2. Nxt Modern. Wellness Destination for Female Millennials.

Our mission is to help millennial women make the NEXT move to create and live fulfilling lives through holistic wellness, addressing all seven dimensions of well-being.
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2. iMillennialZ

Curating informed generations, iMillennialZ is geared towards millennials and Gen Z'ers looking for educational content to understand their lives, society and everyday issues they face.
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1. IDEY. Hatching Ideas, Yielding Growth.

We help young marketers define their space in a crowded market by equipping them with the tools, content, and resources to build, support and manage successful businesses.
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3. SmithResource. Giving Back to the Community.

Our mission is to be a resource to people in need of emotional, physical or financial support. We offer feeding programs, community outreach, and educational resources to foster growth and happiness.

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